Officially a Writer

Last week, I got this email…


The email

…which marked the official start of my business magazine writing career!


…me-time on weekends will diminish as I have to research about the assigned topics and meet the deadlines for submission.

…I have to keep myself updated with the goings-on in the economy, businesses, taxation laws, and even politics.

…time-management is a big pressure now – I have to balance my time between work, studies, and writing.

…my articles will be read by business executives and I’m going to be an in-demand business writer someday!

…and that I have to start working on an article NOW.



Shaking My Brain Cells

My aunt asked if I would be interested to be a contributor in a business magazine. I said yes, and promised to send an article or articles tomorrow morning. My problem now is that I have so many ideas to write about accounting and business but I could not get past one paragraph. My brain cells are in tangle and I could not connect one idea to the next, not to mention being busy moving my blog to WordPress.

So I am writing this post to jiggle my sleeping brain which somehow ignored the effects of caffeine in the mug of coffee I just consumed in five (maybe six?) gulps. And while I am writing the previous sentence, I looked at the mug and read the group of words printed on it. The word sense is in it but the sentence doesn’t make sense (at first glance, at least).

The happy mug

The happy frog mug

But now that I read it again, I discerned that sense of happy means happiness. So this mug is telling me that every day is full of happiness with a mug of coffee.

And there goes ten minutes of my time. Why it took like forever to upload the photo from my phone, I could not explain. Now I should get back to do some serious writing and hope that I finish an article or two before the day ends.