It’s a little late for Halloween but…

let me share to you the moments that I consider the most horrifying night of my life. I am not really the frightful type of girl and my stories below will not make you afraid at all but I’m telling them anyway.

Back in high school, I was selected to represent our school in the National Leadership Training in Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City. Of course, I was thrilled to be a part of a nationwide event for schools. I was excited to learn how the government works, meet new friends from different parts of the Philippines, and travel around Baguio City, which is the farthest place I have gone to as of today. The event was scheduled to last for four days and we (I and other representatives from the Bicol Region) went to the venue a day before the training started.

Since we were too early for the event, we spent the day touring around the city. The training started the next day and the schedules for each of the next four days are the same – a three-hour seminar in the morning, group activity in the afternoon, and a wrap-up seminar in the evening.

The group activity in the afternoon of the second day ended when it was already dark, around 6:30 PM. When I got back to the dormitory, my phone rang. I went out of the room so I won’t disturb my roommates and answered the phone in the terrace-like hallway. It was my aunt calling me. We were talking about something I can’t anymore remember when she suddenly asked “Is there a dog near you?”. To which I answered, “What? There’s no dog in here.” And my aunt said “There is. It’s howling and it’s so loud I think it’s just beside you.” I got goose bumps and said, “Tita, I swear there is no dog in here and I am alone in the hallway.” And my aunt told me to get just get inside and not to go anywhere without any companion.

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After dinner that same night, we took a nap before getting ready for the evening activity. I overslept and when I woke up, my roommates were all set to proceed to the activity venue. I told them to go ahead and I’ll just catch up. Everyone was gone and I was putting on my pants when there was a tapping on the door. I ignored it and it became a knock, getting louder and insistent. I yelled, thinking that it was one of my roommates, “Wait up! I’ll be there! I’m just putting on my pants!”. The knocking stopped. I was on my way to the door to open it when there came another loud knocking and then it became banging. I opened the door in the middle of the banging. To my horror, no one is outside. Just the long stretch of hallway in front of me. I quickly closed the door and ran down the hallway, out of the dormitory, to the next building where the activity is to be done. I was still catching my breath when I arrived. I got so terrified I promised myself not to get left behind alone again.

In the morning, I asked the janitor if there are ghosts in the place. He told me “Oh, haven’t you heard? This place is one of the most haunted places in the country. Actually, I already got used to toilets flushing by themselves, doors opening and closing even when there is no wind, sounds of footsteps at midnight and all sorts scary things.”


Last Night, I Dreamed I Was an Actress

Yes, I did. In a horror movie.

I blame this poster that is being displayed outside our office yesterday.

No, I was not the monster in the dream. I was the one haunted by this lady ghost that came out of the book I just read. In the dream, I said that the author of the book is Stephen King (which strengthened my suspicion that the poster was indeed the culprit).

In the dream, I was inside a house, which I have never seen in real life, reading a book in a corner of the living room. The house was small, dusty and made of wood. It was already dark outside when I finished reading the book. When I looked at the window, the lady in the book was staring at me from outside! It scared the living hell out of me I woke up sweating and my heart was pounding in my ears. Luckily, I don’t scream after having a bad dream.