An Incomplete List of Small Pleasures

Great or small, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day are not the only days to appreciate the people who make our days blissful, the things that make us relaxed and contented, and the simple circumstances that put the tiniest smiles to our faces.

Here is my incomplete list of small pleasures.

  • waking up before the alarm
  • the smell of an old book
  • finding that I have extra money squeezed somewhere in my bag or wallet
  • finishing a thousand-page novel
  • my bed and pillows after a very tiring day
  • the chuckle of a baby
There is this trending topic on Instagram and Facebook challenging everyone to be happy for one hundred days in a row. Sounds fun and challenging indeed. I think being happy for a hundred days is easy but being happy for one hundred consecutive days is quite a test so I registered. Challenge accepted. I will start tomorrow.

Life is short so I must not make room for regrets. Who knows? It may be the end of the world tomorrow but at least I have done something out of the ordinary before the earth stops spinning, before the sun becomes a red giant star and vanquish the planets’ orbits, before the nations’ politics evolve into something like Westeros’ and Panem’s. If only Doctor Who is real I will volunteer to be his assistant and travel in time and worlds with him in the TARDIS. That would be cool! I am now imagining uploading a photo on Instagram. A selfie with the Doctor and the TARDIS on the background. Hashtag: #100happydays.

Can you also make your own incomplete list of small pleasures? It’s a good way to de-stress and to discover that there is happiness in the small things around us.