An Accountant’s Woes

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m at home and I should be relaxing. But all I could think of is my office table. When I left the office last night, my table looks like this:

I know. A mess raised to the hundredth power.

I don’t blame myself, though. With loads and loads of work from the time I sit on the office chair at 9 a.m., I just can’t find the time to file the files. You might suggest that I stay several minutes after office hours to organize my table. But no, thank you. I usually leave the office totally exhausted at 8:30 p.m.

Accountants are the best in balancing the debits and the credits but flunk in work-life balance. The salary is good, yes, and there are lots of part-time opportunities that can both boost the income and pump up one’s finance skills. Accounting life, on the downside, means routine work, monthly book closings, tons of papers, gazillions of computations and reconciliations, ten to twelve-hour office hours with no overtime pay, no coffee breaks, late lunch breaks, and no make-up retouches.

Despite all these, I love my job. I enjoy what I am doing and I feel great knowing that the company cannot function without me. No business can operate without accountants. No businesses means no employment, hungry mouths, empty pockets, and poor nations. Therefore, in my own little way, I contribute in keeping the world’s economy stable.

And back to my office table, a study proved that messy-deskers are more creative than people with immaculate offices. Ergo, I might just keep my topsy-turvy office desk.


The Science of Procrastination

Wikipedia defines procrastination as the  practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.

I came across a photo published on Mashable enumerating the 12 types of procrastinators (see image below) and told myself, “OMG, I am a queen procrastinator!”. 

Image from Mashable

Yeah, being an CPA by profession, I see myself busy all the time. Evenings and weekends are the only time I have for myself and occasionally, I work even on weekends especially during month-end and year-end closing of books. But when I saw the image featured above, I realized that I also waste some of my precious time for procrastinating.

I am…

1. The Cleaner. OK, not really. I am not really fond of cleaning up the place I am staying at, particularly my office desk. (A thinking bulb! I’ll take a picture of my desk at the office and write something about it.) But when I feel like it, I am the best cleaner in town. I’m gonna wipe every little dirt I can see before I get started with work.

2. The Panicker. Depending on the situation. Yeah, an accountant gets panicky too. Imagine the deadlines I have every week! Around two hundred supplier invoices to review and process for payment every week, checks should be ready for my bosses’ signature on Thursdays, computations of tax payments every 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of the month, more or less four hundred supplier files to control, bank reconciliations every end of the month, blah, blah, blah… I panic once in a while when aside from all the routine tasks, I get lots of ad hoc tasks to do. I panic before I get started with work that I end up doing all the work the day before the deadline. 😐

3. The List Maker. Yeah, I can waste almost two hours of my time every day making lists (or personal budget schedules).

4. The Napper. I had a lot of naps when I was still attending the CPA review sessions. (Reminiscing the times… 🙂 )

5. The Sidetracker. I admit I also have favorites among my accounting tasks. These favorite tasks are of course in my preferred list and I’m gonna get them done first even if they are due one month from now.

6. The Social Sharer. Looks familiar. 😀

7. The Internet Searcher. I found myself typing “Despicable Me 2 Banana Song lyrics” on Google in the middle of a busy week.

8. The Snacker. I can’t get anything done without a little snack.

9. The Gamer. I have to guess the five words on 4pics 1 word first before doing anything. 🙂

10. The Watcher. I copied the whole season of  White Collar in my cellphone and watch for several minutes after lunch.

11. The Delegator. I don’t do this. But I know someone who does. 😉

12. The Perpetuator. Sounds like 4:30 pm to me. Hahahahahaha!