An Accountant’s Woes

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m at home and I should be relaxing. But all I could think of is my office table. When I left the office last night, my table looks like this:

I know. A mess raised to the hundredth power.

I don’t blame myself, though. With loads and loads of work from the time I sit on the office chair at 9 a.m., I just can’t find the time to file the files. You might suggest that I stay several minutes after office hours to organize my table. But no, thank you. I usually leave the office totally exhausted at 8:30 p.m.

Accountants are the best in balancing the debits and the credits but flunk in work-life balance. The salary is good, yes, and there are lots of part-time opportunities that can both boost the income and pump up one’s finance skills. Accounting life, on the downside, means routine work, monthly book closings, tons of papers, gazillions of computations and reconciliations, ten to twelve-hour office hours with no overtime pay, no coffee breaks, late lunch breaks, and no make-up retouches.

Despite all these, I love my job. I enjoy what I am doing and I feel great knowing that the company cannot function without me. No business can operate without accountants. No businesses means no employment, hungry mouths, empty pockets, and poor nations. Therefore, in my own little way, I contribute in keeping the world’s economy stable.

And back to my office table, a study proved that messy-deskers are more creative than people with immaculate offices. Ergo, I might just keep my topsy-turvy office desk.


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