Happy New Hair!

To welcome year 2014, I said goodbye to boring straight hair! Before last Christmas, I decided to try what everyone is talking about – digiperm! With the help of my friend, Google, (haha!) I searched for the best salon where I can have my hair permed. Tony and Jackey’s is one of the top rated, so I rushed to SM North (The Block) before I change my mind.

After four hours of sitting on the salon chair and paying a fortune (yes, I paid a ridiculous amount for the service), it’s worth my while because I love my new hair. Now I look like I came straight from the set of Game of Thrones (I wish!). 

The evening I had my hair permed, my hair looked like this (The pictures are a bit unclear as my phone’s front camera’s resolution is only VGA. And sorry about the face, I’m not very fond of putting on make-up.).

I went home to Bicol after three days and took a photo outside, the sunshine and the wind added the drama.

Even if this hairstyle made my face look fatter, it’s cool to know that I can try some creative ways to style my hair like this one.

Three weeks after the digiperm, here is how my hair looks like:

Maintaining the curls is really an effort and a bit costly but I don’t mind. Having these waves is one of my best decisions in life.

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