Hunger Knows No Friend

The Typhoon Haiyan left massive wreckage and high death toll in the Visayan Region of the Philippines. Without any food to eat, people are forced to do shameful things to survive – stealing food from the local grocery stores and ransacking damaged homes to see if there are spare supplies left by those who were killed by the huge waves and drastic winds. The typhoon indeed stripped our people in the Central Philippines of their dignity.

Survivors of typhoon Haiyan ransacking local merchandise stores for food and other necessities.
Photo from Philippine Daily Inquirer
True, businesses are gone because of the widespread looting in the provinces affected by the storm but we cannot blame these hungry mouths for making way to feed themselves and their families.
                                                          BBC News – Typhoon Haiyan
It was a heart-breaking situation. If only I have the money to help, I definitely will donate. I am very fortunate for not being one of these people. I feel so sorry for them. I wish there is some other way to help my poor kababayans.


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