London: My Dream City

I was eight years old when I got a glimpse of this wonderful city on television. Lady Diana’s death was all I could hear about in the news for the whole week (for the month, perhaps; I was too young to remember). Lady Diana’s life was being featured almost everywhere and London was almost always at the backdrop of every article I read and news I saw on TV. What happened to her was really tragic but (sorry to say this) I was thrilled to see a city where I want to live in, a city that has this certain pull on me. I fell in love with London from the moment I caught sight of it.

I hope that someday I will get the chance to visit this magnificent city. I already have a list of things to do when I set foot on my dream city.

I will definitely board a red double-decker bus when touring the city. The upper deck, of course! That would be awesome!

When travelling to more distant places, I will try the tube! 

I will also ask a local to drive me from one end of the Tower Bridge to the other. I may be bossy but I guess the Brits will understand my love for their capital city.

Oh, and I will never forget to ride a car of the London Eye!

And have a picture of me with the Houses of Parliament in the background. 😀

Of course,these moments will never be complete if not shared. When I get the chance to be in London, I will surely drag the love of my life with me. 🙂 Attention, Jeffrey Jay Gonzales. Would it not be nice to have a picture of us taken in London? Like this one? (Awwww!)

I wish I have money to realize this dream of walking on the streets of London. But a plane ticket from Manila to London alone will cost me all of my savings!

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