London: My Dream City

I was eight years old when I got a glimpse of this wonderful city on television. Lady Diana’s death was all I could hear about in the news for the whole week (for the month, perhaps; I was too young to remember). Lady Diana’s life was being featured almost everywhere and London was almost always at the backdrop of every article I read and news I saw on TV. What happened to her was really tragic but (sorry to say this) I was thrilled to see a city where I want to live in, a city that has this certain pull on me. I fell in love with London from the moment I caught sight of it.

I hope that someday I will get the chance to visit this magnificent city. I already have a list of things to do when I set foot on my dream city.

I will definitely board a red double-decker bus when touring the city. The upper deck, of course! That would be awesome!

When travelling to more distant places, I will try the tube! 

I will also ask a local to drive me from one end of the Tower Bridge to the other. I may be bossy but I guess the Brits will understand my love for their capital city.

Oh, and I will never forget to ride a car of the London Eye!

And have a picture of me with the Houses of Parliament in the background. 😀

Of course,these moments will never be complete if not shared. When I get the chance to be in London, I will surely drag the love of my life with me. 🙂 Attention, Jeffrey Jay Gonzales. Would it not be nice to have a picture of us taken in London? Like this one? (Awwww!)

I wish I have money to realize this dream of walking on the streets of London. But a plane ticket from Manila to London alone will cost me all of my savings!

nunca te mientas a ti mismo

I am suffering from depression. No, not the suicidal kind. The psychotic kind. (Evil laugh)

Kidding aside, I find it hard to forget. I may forgive but I will never forget. When someone does anything wrong to me, the urge to get even is very hard to suppress. I know this is wrong and it does feel wrong, but I just have to do something to make my anger subside.

Right now, I am killing Someone in my mind. I hate myself for feeling this way. It’s bad. But I can’t undo this.

I am not going to kill Someone. I guess I just have to realize my plans to make Someone’s life miserable. Making Someone suffer for life is what will make me happy. Someone angered me. Someone should pay for making me feel this way.

I hate Someone. I so freaking hate Someone.

…. Is this how a psychotic thinks? Harharhar. Wish I am pretty convincing.