I may not have the guts to tell you personally
But deep inside, my heart yearns to say this, honestly
That you are all I need to keep me going
And I will always thank God for giving you to me as a blessing.
I want to tell you that I am missing you
Each day is a torment, without you I fee distracted
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say
Now I know it’s true, as I’m thinking about you night and day.
I can’t anymore imagine life without you
Each day with you is a dream come true
You are the only person I want to share my life with
‘Tis my ultimate desire; I pray that God will not forbid!
You are the one I want to wake up with in the morning
The one I want to watch TV with in the evening
You are the one I want to cuddle with in the night
Hope you won’t get mad if I won’t stop hugging you tight.
You are the one I am sharing my secrets with
The only man who knows every naughty thing I did;
I love it when we talk about anything under the sun
I can’t help but smile when I remember all the fun.
I love you when you make me laugh by making a funny face
A smile from you completes my day and clears all the haze
I love you when you complain about my childish demands,
Yet in the end, you give in, like a lion turning into a lamb.
I love the way you care for me when I am sick
I love you when you listen attentively when I speak
I love you when you cook “sardinas” with egg
And any other dishes I would beg
Chefs may be professionals, but for me you are the best!
In you I found everything I am looking for in a guy
I did tell you I love your eyes, didn’t I?
And I love that tiny spot on the tip of your nose
Prince William may be handsome but it is still you I will choose.
I love your pointed nose and your rosy skin
I want to tell you I love your body, please don’t get thin!
I love you red lips, your strong eye brows and your shiny hair
And you big, soft hands holding mine, letting me know you care.
I love it when we share each other’s thoughts
When we listen to each other when there are problems to solve
Yes, we have arguments sometimes, yet we are not afraid to struggle
The years that passed show that there is nothing we cannot handle.
Oh, how happy we shall be, sharing our lives ’til we grow old
Making a home and raising children of our own
Things may not turn out as we planned them to be
We will face all odds, supporting each other lovingly.
Through all these, I just want to let you know
That whatever life may bring
As long as you and I are together
We make a good team.
-dedicated to the love of my life, Jeffrey Jay.